Blue Braid builds a vital community of empowered leaders committed to social change rooted in Jewish feminist principles. Every third Tuesday, the group gathers for a night of snacks, drinks, schmoozing, and discussion of a topic connected to Jewish feminism. Houses/hosts and facilitators rotate monthly to maintain diversity as well as to share the responsibilities of keeping the group healthy and productive.

Members of all belief systems and gender identities are welcome, as long as the discussion remains grounded in Jewish and feminist ideals and traditions, broadly and individually defined. Participants and facilitators are guided to tie all discussion to Jewish tradition and feminist ideals and methodologies.

Group members must be willing to commit to maintaining a safe, inclusive space for all to ensure each member feels welcome and respected. Facilitators have the option of providing background reading materials for their particular sessions; those materials will be posted on this website and disseminated via a secure email listserv.

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