Why are you called that? Blue is a Jewishy color. And you may be feeling especially blue about the white-cis-het-theo-patriarchy these days. Braids are ancient symbols of strength through diverse community. Long hair gets braided. Now go eat some challah with honey, honey!

Do I have to host or facilitate? No.

Can I host or facilitate? Yes.

But how? I have a job and kids—I can’t clean my house or make a brisket on a weeknight!? Don’t fret. Just do your best and the group will make it lovely. The cult of domestic perfection is one gender norm we can work together to demolish.

Will this be the same 4 people who already know each other complaining about their families every week? The power of Blue Braid lies in its diversity and breadth. We all want to meet new allies, collaborators, and friends. A strong network of engaged allies is more important than ever in 2017. Facilitators, hosts, and participants are committed to an inclusive, professional, productive experience for all participants.

Can my husband/brother/son come? Can my Christian girlfriend come? I’m trans? All genders and religious affiliations are welcome as long as the evenings are focused on a Jewish feminist perspective. The only other requirement is a commitment to maintaining a pro-LGBTQ, anti-racism, pro-diversity space of empathy.

Do I have to bring food? I don’t drink? I love to drink? Roots and Branches Foundation has generously donated funds to cover food and drink for the first few meetings. With momentum, participants are encouraged to bring what they can if they can, drawing upon the Jewish tradition of using shared food to strengthen our communal bonds.

What do you mean by Jewish feminism? Jewishness and feminism mean different things to different people. In theory, all perspectives are welcome. In practice, each evening’s host/facilitator will decide that evening’s topic and level of explicit Jewish and/or feminist engagement.

Am I Jewish and/or feminist enough? Yes.

What kind of discussions are you planning? The topics are developed by each evening’s host and facilitator (who could be the same person). Some sample ideas include gender in the workplace, intergenerational relationships, LGBTQ rights, the current presidential administration, or anything else that could be illuminated by Jewish feminist discussion. Each facilitator will decide if there’s prep material and disseminate it through email. Meeting materials will also be posted on this site.

How can I join? Please sign up for the email list here. Meeting details will be sent privately through the listserv.