These resources will support Blue Braid members with facilitation tools and tricks.

ORID: A way to structure a discussion using a series of question types.  Getting the hang of the ORID structure is key to guiding a successful discussion.

Objective- Factual questions to ease participants into the discussion and establish a common framework of understanding. What happened? What did you see or hear?

Reflective- Questions that ask participants to reflect on the established facts. How did you feel? What did you like or dislike? What works or doesn’t work?

Interpretive- Questions that help participants apply their reflections to broader situations and concerns. Why do these things matter? So what?

Decisional- Questions that help participants commit to using what they’ve learned in concrete ways in the future. What will you do next week about this? Now what?

Facilitation tools compiled by Learning for Sustainability

Nonprofit consultant Beth Kanter wrote a thoughtful post about facilitation techniques