March 21: Defining Jewish Feminism

Jewish Feminism Notes, Julie Bir
Jewish Feminism, Julie Bir

April 25: Claiming Our Places: Jewish Women’s Stories

“You Take Lilith, I’ll Take Eve,” Yiskah Rosenfeld
“The Coming of Lilith,” Judith Plaskow

May 16: Intersectionality and Judaism, Part 1

“It’s Time for Intersectionality to Include the Jews,” Benjamin Gladstone

June 20: Birth Traditions in Judaism

Reproduction and Conception
Pregnancy and Birth
A Guide for Practitioners
Welcoming Baby:

July 18: Feminism, Judaism and Food

1. If you have any family recipe cards or a favorite Jewish cookbook, please bring them to share!
2. Snapshots of the diaspora & food traditions

August 15: Jewish Anxiety

Women are twice as anxious as men!
Jewish anxiety and epigenetics
What the rabbis say
Help from our tradition

Bonus! readings on why women are more anxious, and whether Jews are really more anxious

September 19: Jewish Aging and Dying

Discussion questions
Is your treatment of the old or dying informed by Judaism? In what way?
How do you hope to be treated as you age and die? Have you talked with your loved ones about it? How?
What are your biggest fears about the process of aging and death?

Respecting the Elderly
Explaining Death to Children
How to Treat the Dying

October 17: Jewish Burial Rituals and Feminism

Instead of meeting in November and December, let’s have a party! Stay tuned for details from Elizabeth.